Spirituality & Psychology

As a thinker and a researcher, I have always been pulled deeper into the spiritual dimension of healing over my many years of clinical practice in the field of therapy. Had many questions about an inner power inside us as humans that is waiting to be called out. This power was simply our spiritual power. Adding spirituality to the counseling psychology process would lead to a greater sense of humility, compassion, and forgiveness, as well as divine healing. In this book, I will examine the developing role of spirituality in counseling psychology by analyzing several counseling programs that used the combination of spiritual and psychological/ mental counseling methods in counseling clients. In addition, this book asserts that this integrated approach to counseling psychology causes momentous changes in the human subconscious mind. Human souls co-exist with the human body, and so, must be nurtured. The psycho-spiritual approach touches on the spiritual part of man to sort things out.

We shall uncover a hidden healing pattern throughout human history and the development of world faiths that demands humans to acknowledge that they are inadequate and insufficient without the spiritual link. Researchers have shown that those who are more spiritually linked and interested in connecting to their higher mind are healthier, less sad, and more confident than their counterparts who are not connected spiritually. Studying counseling psychology programs in depth was a wonderful way for me to prove that incorporating the spiritual aspect into the counseling process can help people achieve their ultimate full mental health by connecting them to the divine higher intelligence both consciously and subconsciously, and by learning that healing faith teaches us who we are and what our true meaning in this world is.